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     RFID Blocking Aluminum Card Wallet


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RFID Blocking Aluminum Card Wallet
$39.99 USD $13.88 USD

Ever wonder how your chip/PayPass-enabled card functions?  It sends radio signals at a constant rate to other devices and gives away your personal information all the time - all that's missing is someone with a reader to collect your information.  But not anymore!  With this stylish aluminum card wallet, your information is safely stored away and prevents misuse!


Ever wonder how your chip-enabled and PayPass cards are able to transmit data at time of purchase virtually wirelessly?  They use something called an RFID chip that is able to transmit this data directly to the device and this data is being transmitted on a continuous basis!


This means that anyone with an RFID reader can potentially stand next to you and collect your personal data, along with your card information at ANY time!  And with new government issued ID's like driver's licenses, etc being issued with this technology, the threat becomes ever pressing!


But fear no more!  With this new stylish aluminum wallet, your cards are safely stowed away and all of your information is protected. The aluminum coated metal framing acts as a shield against the wireles devices and will protect your data from being transmitted to any external source until your physically remove it from the card holder and apply it at the payment terminal.


It's so simple, yet so elegant.  Personal Safety & Financial Security has NEVER looked so good!

Available in:

- Gold
- Pink
- Blue
- Green
- Black
- Silver
- White
- Red
- Purple